What are we offer for cloud operations?

Our Cloud Operation CoE watches over your cloud environments to safegard your IaaS, PaaS or SaaS services:

  • Fully managed cloud services
  • Advanced Operations Capability
  • Continuos security monitoring
  • Performance tracking
  • Automation

What is Cloud Operating Model?

cloud operating model is the collection of processes and procedures that define how you want to operate technology in the cloud.

Why CloudOps JSC?

Improved RPO/RTO

Backup and data recovery was the initial use case for the public cloud and continues to be a strong driver for cloud migration. Backup and replication strategies can lower the recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) to near-zero, helping to ensure availability around the clock for an increasingly global user and customer base.

On-demand scalability

Seasonal or growth demands can be met with instant capacity increases, usually via self-service portal. Provisioning new virtual machines, physical servers, storage, even network bandwidth can all be done by the push of a button, enabling organizations to be more agile and meet demands head-on as they occur.

Non-disruptive upgrades

Infrastructure and software can both be upgraded or updated seamlessly, without service disruption enabling fixes to be applied or new functionality added while normal business operations continue.

What are best practices for cloud operations?

Is your CloudOps behind the curve?

We can help you to looks at how to fix common CloudOps issues and get on the fast track to industry operation optimisation benchmarks.

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